Cheniwa Consulting Ltd. is a Canadian based Information Technology consulting company. We focus on object-oriented methodologies and processes, as well as other related innovative and emerging technologies. Our major application development experience is in the areas of:

  • Enterprise Applications and Development Consulting
  • Component-based software development and framework
  • E-Commerce and E-Business solutions
  • Application system performance tuning and optimizations
  • Innovative and emerging software technologies and applications
  • Project planning, development, and management with processes, models, frameworks, and tools
  • IT technological resource management and collaborations\

Cheniwa has provided consulting services in North America since 1995. Founded by a group of Object-Oriented developers, we focus on delivering application development consulting services to help clients achieve their business objectives.

We’ve succeeded in helping our clients develop solutions in major areas of e-commerce and e-business for a variety of applications in both the public and private sectors. These include government agencies, transportation, logistics, tele-communications, pharmaceutical, financial and banking, wholesale and retail, medical equipment, construction and mechanical engineering, and more. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Services have been the major technologies used to develop and deliver our solutions to our customers.

With a solid track record of success in application system development and consulting services, Cheniwa has provided sets of processes, business models, frameworks, and various tools to assist our clients in achieving their business expectations and to be more competitive in today’s market.

Recognizing the changes in both technology and business in the recent years, we’ve made significant advances in the area of technology resource management. Cheniwa has also formed joint ventures with other companies, especially those in the e-commerce and e-business application development and consulting fields.